Host Your Generative AI App on AWS Like a Pro

Hosting a generative AI application on AWS offers many opportunities but also presents unique challenges. The primary goal is to leverage serverless event-driven technologies to save costs, but there are technical limitations to consider, such as API Gateway’s integration timeout. This guide will explore various strategies to achieve a serverless architecture that supports real-time updates without being constrained by timeout limits.

Advanced cloud-based AI-driven SaaS platform for US real estate market (2022-present)

An advanced cloud-based SaaS platform, currently serving the US real estate market with a focus on geo-analytics and forecasting. It integrates state-of-the-art Generative AI and Machine Learning technologies, enhancing both functionality and accuracy. The platform operates natively with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kubernetes, supporting multi-tenancy and ensuring robust security. Its key features include auto-scalability and high availability, providing real estate professionals with reliable, data-driven insights and predictions.

Automated Talent Acquisition Platform (2022-2023)

The Automated Talent Acquisition Platform offers insightful, AI-driven capabilities to optimize our recruitment process. It swiftly navigates through job applications, allowing our HR team to allocate less time to administration and more time to strategic decision-making. By enhancing efficiency and accelerating the hiring process, our solution contributes to a more productive talent acquisition strategy, fostering the continued growth and success of our company